Should Price Run for U.S. Senate?

The Northeast Cobb-area Congressman has been mentioned as a candidate to succeed retiring Saxby Chambliss.

Friday's announcement by U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss that he won't be running for a third term in 2014 has fueled further speculation about who might be vying for his seat.

But even before the Georgia Republican said he was stepping down, U.S. Rep. Tom Price has been thought to be mulling a campaign.

Price, a Roswell Republican who represents Northeast Cobb in the Sixth District of Georgia, hasn't made any formal public comment since Friday.

The Washington website Politico quoted a Price spokesman Friday afternoon saying that the Congressman "is speaking with a number of folks from across the state of Georgia" as he weighs a possible bid for the office.

The day before Chambliss' announcement, Price wouldn't comment to MSNBC's Chuck Todd about a possible Republican primary challenge.

Should Tom Price run for the U.S. Senate? Tell us in the comments.

On Saturday, Newt Gingrich, a former East Cobb resident who held the Sixth District seat when he was Speaker of the House, told Wolf Blitzer of CNN that he has spoken with Price and indicated Price likely will be running.

Other possible contenders include Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey of Marietta, Georgia Republican Congressmen Paul Broun and Jack Kingston and former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel.

Chambliss cited Washington gridlock for his decision to retire, but his willingness to work with Democrats on the federal debt ceiling and other fiscal issues frustrated some conservatives.

Some pundits have speculated that Chambliss bowed out in part to avoid a primary fight, especially after he disavowed a no-tax pledge demanded by Republican political advocate Grover Norquist.

Price figures to be asked more about a possible candidacy when he speaks to the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

Crystal Miron January 28, 2013 at 04:19 PM
He is happy to run, but I sure hope most Georgians will vote against him. Price's record shows his propensity for coddling corporations at the expense of the lower and middle class. He has voted to allow capital gains to remain taxed at an obscenely low rate, and he voted against tax reform that would have stopped rewarding businesses that move jobs overseas with tax deduction. Price has also cosigned onto pushing the "Fair Tax" scheme, which would disproportionately shift higher tax burdens onto lower and middle class families, while excluding large amounts of taxation from wealthy people with no necessity to spend the vast majority of their incomes. Price also has a hardliner stance on abortion, repeatedly signing onto bills that would keep women from being able to receive an abortion without any exclusion for rape, incest, or the need for termination to protect the life of the mother. I highly recommend people review his voting record before deciding Tom Price has any place in Washington representing Georgia at large. Mr. Price may represent the views of a scant majority of the people in his own district, but I don't believe his view represent the priorities of most Georgians. Of course I do realize that based on the short list of names that have been tossed out there, Price may against all odds be the lesser of 5 dingbats.


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