'Frankenweenie' Is Frightfully Good

It's funny, adventurous, creepy, and even sentimental and with it being in black and white AND 3D, I think it's going to be a hit.

It's part Frankentstein, part Lassie but somehow director Tim Burton makes it work in this stop-motion animation simply called "Frankenweenie."

The movie is playing in Northeast Cobb at the GTC Park 12 Cobb.

It's the story of a young boy (Frankenstein) who uses all of his talents to bring back his beloved dead dog. There are a lot of references to old horror movies all wrapped up in a heartwarming boy-and-his-dog film the whole family should enjoy.

Several celebrities lend their voices to this film that should appeal most to mom and dad. Fans of Boris Karloff will also enjoy this. It's strange in a Tim Burton kind of way but, in my opinion, some of his best work in a long, long time.

The characters are all pretty amusing and Victor Frankenstein is a suitable hero for this family-friendly horror film with Sparky, his patched-up dog, stealing nearly every scene he's in. Creepy and weird? Sure… but it's just the right amount.

Take the whole family to see this one. Frankenweenie is a 'wiener.' The flick-o-meter gives Frankenweenie a five out of five. This odd little story of a boy and his dog shows that Tim Burton still has that wonderful weirdness that brings magic to the big screen.

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