Weird News: Facebook Request from Jailer

If it wasn't for these people, news would be all work and no play.

One jailer in Oconee County was fired and another resigned earlier this month because they allegedly sent Facebook friend requests to a female inmate under their supervision.

Oconee County authorities also claim the two men had improper conversations with the inmate, although no physical contact occurred.

A search of the inmate's computer, which she did not have access to, revealed the friend requests sent by her two jailers.

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg should create Jailbook? Inmates can pass each other friend requests on sheets of toilet paper and tag their location by writing on the walls of their cells.

Moviegoers are still on edge as a result of the recent shooting spree in a Colorado theater. This may explain why a 58-year-old man brought his handgun to the movie theater in Sparks, NV.

This does not explain why the gun fell out of his pocket, hit the floor, caused it to discharge, and shot its owner in the buttocks during a screening of "The Bourne Legacy."

The man, who had a concealed carry permit, prompty apologized for the incident and left the theater. Charges may yet be brought against the man.


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