Who Speaks for the Powder Springs City Council?

Is there one member who has been put in charge by the other members? If so, when did this happen?

Who speaks for the Powder Springs City Council? Is there one member who has been put in charge by the other members? If so, when did this happen? Is there one member or two who are given special information on important matters but not to the others? Why do members have to find out what is going on via my column?

This was the subject that was brought to the council at their May 2 Agenda meeting. It seems that Council Member Wizner writes commentaries to my column.

Of interest was the column "". The commentary by Mr. Wizner went into detail on how they were (mayor, council, staff) going to go about it.

This was news to at least two members and they voiced their objections and concerns at the meeting. You can . One member said it was a "slap in the face" for one member to know about something important like this but not the others. The problem here is that this would not be the first time.

At their retreat in March an independent observer was in attendance. His comments were telling, namely that the Mayor and Council are not singing out of the same song book. 

The Mayor has her favorites and they talk on the phone and decide things before agenda meetings, or at least that is what appears to happen. So of course the non-favored members pick up on this and you have instant divisions.

Not the way to run a City. Is this done in other cities? Possibly but that does not make things right much less fair. The citizens, at least the few who vote, choose candidates for various reasons. For sure they do not choose them to be puppets or lackeys.

Our city will, like others, face some problems and opportunities. Having divisions among policy makers hardly helps matters. They have yet to discuss the "". This was the extensive report paid for by Georgia Power and covered mostly economic development matters. They have yet decided on how or if they will hire someone to undertake business retention and new businesses. I wrote about this back in March. that they could use for such a purpose.

Water Meeting: On May 8 the City held a meeting for the purpose of explaining to residents and businesses why water rates had to be increased.

It would have been better had they held this meeting before . They did a good job of explaining the storm water rates to everyone. For some reason this issue got drowned out until afterwards.

You might go and look at . Of importance for everyone, is the fact that all units of government are going to need a kitty with lots of money to address the problem of pipes needing repairs or replacement. I also explained at the meeting that about 9 years ago we were told, by the Cobb Marietta Water Authority, that we could expect rate increases Forever.

Thanks for reading this. I will try to get back to next time.

Tom Bevirt

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Chris Wizner May 10, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Tom, It is people like you that require me to write; One to keep the Citizens informed and two to constantly correct your misinformation. The March retreat went well there were discussions and some disagreements, but in the end we worked on our differences and came up with a unified vision for the City. This was an open meeting, but other than the moderator, the City council and Department Heads and the City Engineers for part of the retreat no one else was there. So your “Independent “observer statement is untrue and not factual. Who speaks for the City, we all do. I have not been selected or elected to do so, nor is it my intent to speak for the Council as a whole. I write my own comments and observations. All the others have the same opportunity to respond to your columns, just like I do, but they choose not to, maybe they feel it’s not worth their time to comment. As far as the Mayor calling- I call her more than she calls me. Being new to the Powder Springs City government I am trying to learn and stay informed, if I have questions or comments I call her or other council members. Again all council members have the same access; some choose different avenues to get information. Now for the recurrent “puppet or lackey” comment, get a life. As I’ve said before I make my own decisions. OK, now I’ve had my reply, now let’s stick to the Real News and City information and stop throwing stones and calling names like children.


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