TSPLOST Backer Should Be Voted Out

Tim Lee has been in the pocket of the well-heeled forces that tried to shove the ill-conceived albatross down our throats.

Dear Readers:

Those of us who have one more battle to fight. That will occur on August 21.

WE must finish the job by voting out one of the sponsors of the the plan that would have done so much harm to our area and we would have to pay for it to boot. I refer here to Cobb County Commissioner Chair Tim Lee.

He has been in the pocket of the well heeled forces that tried to shove this ill conceived albatross down our throats. You do that by being one of the few who are willing to go to the polls August 21 and vote for Bill Byrne who steadfastly braved the special interests by opposing the T-SPLOST. 

Election officials tell us that . That means if you vote your ballot will count for that much more. In effect, your neighbors who don't vote give you their proxy. By all means take it. Just think of the power that you will have so please do so and urge those who did vote July 31 to go with you.

Thanks for reading,

Thomas D. Bevirt

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Atlanta Owner August 22, 2012 at 07:25 PM
While I'll be the first to admit that Lee can be extremely "goofy" at times, I was proud to NOT vote for Bill Byrne. I have been a long time Cobb resident, and I fully remember the circus that Byrne and his cronies brought down on Cobb County in the mid-1990s with that "anti-gay resolution" they went out of their way to pass so publicly. I'm not gay and it had no direct effect on my personal life that they decided to show bigotry toward others, however, that act allegedly cost Cobb millions of dollars in business through every thing from boycotts, to businesses that avoided locating in Cobb because of the image it represented immediately following that "show". It even caused the Olympic Committee to remove sports venues from Cobb, and reroute the torch relay out of Cobb as well - once again, costing our economy tons of money as a result. The story made news across not only the country, but the entire world at the time, and left a tarnish on Cobb's image that took nearly forever to recover from fully. The image that brought to us lasted for years, and while the fire died out years ago, there are still hot embers left over. No, we certainly do NOT need people like Byrne in a public office again. Cobb needs to look forward to 2050, not back to 1950. And if our choices are limited to a goofball, or a bigot, I'll pick the goofball. Sorry.
Stan Kaady August 23, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Primary Run-off elections are an interesting thing. Here we had two situations where two Repubs were vying for Commission Chair with no Dem's in the wings. South Cobb had two Dems vying for the same seat with no Republicans to running that seat. Whoever wins in the Primary Run-Off is now the new Chair and Commissioner, respectively. So, one shows up at the polls, has to vote as they did in the Primaries. In my case, I took the Democratic ballot in the Primary so I could vote for my County Commissioner. In the run-off, I had to choose the same party ballot. By doing so, as a South Cobb resident, I was not permitted to vote or have a say who in the Commission Chair race. I don't know why the run-off elections can not be set up where if a voter, depending on their location in the county, can vote for candiates from another Party, if the run-off is the final factor in who wins that race. Yes, I know, it's the law. But, IMV, on the County level, it's not so much about voting along party lines as it is voting for the best person the job. Not eloquently put, but I hope you get my point.
Powdertowner August 23, 2012 at 01:38 PM
I totally agree with Mr. Kaady. I too wanted to vote for both positions, but could not vote for county commissioner because I voted Republican in the primary. Therefore, I had no voice in who my county commissioner is.
Chris Wizner August 23, 2012 at 01:40 PM
I agree. One should be able to vote nonpartisan and see the entire ticket of choices if the runoff is essentially the final election. Even in the primary elections, many people, I beleve, don't care so much about partisan politics as getting the best person for the job into office.
Stan Kaady August 23, 2012 at 10:42 PM
In a situation like this, the run-off should not take place until the General Election, thus giving everyone an opportunity vote. Or at least modify the ballots so regardless of which ballot one chooses in a run-off, they can still vote. It's not like they did not have a enough time. Election officials knew way in advance that this would be case.


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