Wrestling in the Olympics: Do You Think It's Gone for Good?

The IOC's decision to remove one of its oldest sports sent shock waves throughout the wrestling world. Patch wants to know what you think.

The recent decision by the International Olympic Committee to drop wrestling from the 2020 Summer Games stunned and disappointed wrestling coaches across metro Atlanta.

The IOC’s decision really hit home with Patrick Ryan during the recent Georgia  wrestling championship tournament in Macon. Ryan, Lithonia High School’s wrestling coach, said his all-time best wrestler told him, “I don’t even want to wrestle anymore.”

“Here is my all-time greatest wrestler, telling me he wants to quit,” Ryan said, “and I had to convince him to keep going.”

In a secret vote, the International Olympic Committee’s executive board decided to eliminate wrestling from the Olympics. The committee agreed to pare down the 26 sports it features to 25 so that a new sport could join the lineup in 2020. Wrestling has a chance to make it back into the Olympics, but the Los Angeles Times said that was unlikely now that it has been cut.

What do you think about the IOC’s decision to remove one of its oldest sports? Do you think the IOC will reverse its decision, or is wrestling gone for good? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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