Lassiter Alum Isom Kicks for Football History

The inspirational story of Mo Isom will endure whether or not she becomes the Tigers' newest placekicker.

It seems folks all over the world have fallen in love with Mo Isom. The alumna and star soccer goalkeeper at Lassiter and LSU is once again attempting to make history and make the LSU Tigers football team as a placekicker.

This would be remarkable in and of itself, but what makes her story truly noteworthy are the mountains she has had to climb to make it this far. She has battled eating disorders, lost a parent to suicide, and survived a car accident that very well could have killed her.

Grantland.com has written an extensive profile on Isom, chronicling her struggles and triumphs over the past five years. Even if she is unsuccessful in earning a spot on the Tigers, it is safe to say that her legacy and power to inspire those around her will remain as strong as ever.

What inspires you the most about Mo Isom? Tell us in the comments!


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