Kell Cornerback Says UGA is No.4 Choice

It's not entirely clear what bumped the Dawgs out of Brendan Langley's top spot.

football fans who were looking forward to star cornerback and wide receiver Brendan Langley donning a Bulldog cap on National Signing Day may be in for a disappointment.

“I had a little bit of a misunderstanding with Georgia but it’s already been cleared up for a while now,” Langley told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday. 

Despite making amends with UGA, Langley has dropped the Dawgs to number four on his list of favorite colleges. The decision, made earlier this month, puts fierce SEC rivals Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina in the top three and knocks the Dawgs out of their previous number one spot.

UGA did earn some points with Langley for offering a scholarship to Kell cornerback and good friend Quincy Mauger during Mark Richt Camp.

Langley and Mauger want to play on the same collegiate team, and UGA is the only school so far that has offered the pair scholarships.

The standout 6-foot-1, 185 pound cornerback plans to make a commitment to a school at or around Aug. 25, though he admits he could "commit tomorrow" if he was blown away by an offer.

Last season, Langley made 28 tackles and four interceptions for the 9-3 Longhorns, and averaged over 40 yards per kickoff return. Offensively, Langley thew two touchdown passes and took nine carries for 140 yards. He also made 13 receptions for 183 yards. Langley plans to play strictly on defense in college.

Langley is ranked 647th in the nation and 28th in Georgia as a cornerback and wide receiver.


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