Alexander Falls in the Final Seconds

The Cougars narrowly miss the upset of North Paulding.

The entered the North Paulding Wolfpack Den Friday night seeking some redemption from last year's 51-3 loss.  Despite faltering in the final seconds of the game, the Cougars certainly earned their redemption and almost earned an upset.

The Cougar offense, led by quarterback Dempsey Abernathy, quickly countered North Paulding's first touchdown, scoring with 7:55 remaining in the first quarter.  Rounding out the first half with just 0:23 remaining, Abernathy would connect with wide receiver Allen Igwebuike for a touchdown.  The Cougars were down just 14-17 at the half.

The second half proved more successful for Alexander, with Abernathy completing a 33-yard pass to wide receiver Dominic Axel for the score.  After the Cougar defense held North Paulding to only a field goal, Alexander took the opportunity to really put on a show. 

Abernathy completed a 26-yard pass to Brian Dansareau and quickly connected with Paul McGregor for another 31 yards, bringing the Cougars to the 1-yard line.  Abernathy snuck the ball in for the Cougar's final score of the third quarter.

With under two minutes remaining in the game, the kickoff initially led to a North Paulding touchdown that was negated due to a blocking penalty against the Wolfpack.  The Cougars intercepted a misread pass which led to their final touchdown at 1:13 remaining.  The Cougers were ahead 35-34, but their defense could not contain the Wolfpack, who scored a touchdown from a 33-yard pass with just five seconds remaining. 

Alexander fell, 35-40, in the final seconds.  The Cougars' record now stands at 0-2.

Kel Thornton September 03, 2011 at 10:12 PM
I should also mention that the Cougars almost reclaimed the lead in the final seconds after a series of lateral passes that brought them to around the 35 yard line before being taken down by North Paulding. It was certainly a valiant effort on the part of Alexander and was very nearly successful.


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