Sprayberry Principal Must OK Paper Content

After the firestorm of controversy that resulted from an April Fool's edition of "The Stinger," the Cobb County School District has taken action against further incidents.

In a move stemming from the publication of an April Fool's edition of a student-run newspaper that called President Barack Obama "a Nazi," the has ordered that all journalistic content must be approved by the school's principal.

's newspaper "The Stinger" became a lightning rod for controversy in April, when it .

Some of the reasons were, "because his dog is ugly," "he's a Nazi," and, "he's black."

The Marietta Daily Journal quoted a letter school superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa wrote to the Cobb County NAACP outlining his decision.

“We don’t want to censor (the journalism students) but we want to make sure the principal has ownership and has understanding of what’s going out and for there not to be any surprises,” Hinojosa wrote. “It’s a fine line and we did consult with our legal counsel about how to do it … because of how politically volatile, how it really upset the campus, we want to make sure that the principal is aware of that (content).”

Does the subordination of the student-run newspaper to the school principal amount to censorship? Tell us in the comments!

Justin Ove August 07, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Some of our Facebook fans have started the discussion. Becky Petersen says, "No, since the United States Supreme Court's decision in 1987 in HAZELWOOD SCHOOL DISTRICT v. KUHLMEIER. Schools CAN censor student newspapers. It's legal for a principal to do this for 25 years now."
Shelley August 07, 2012 at 05:39 PM
School journalism is primarily to TEACH journalism; expressing one's self is secondary.
Jack S August 08, 2012 at 08:18 PM
I still think that is a knee-jerk reaction to an overly perceived sensitivity. The article was meant as a joke, taken by the student body as a joke, and was would have passed as a joke except for one parent who had a chip on her shoulder and cried, "I'm offended". wow. why don't we all just grow up and quit saying everything is offensive? The article didn't advocate hate or violence and, so now we have to take an overworked principle to play editor for the school paper? That's what the teacher/sponsor's job was supposed to be.


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