Marietta High Will Get a New Auditorium

The cost to taxpayers depends on whether voters approve the SPLOST IV in a 2013 referendum.

The was approved , 3,664 to 3,295, or 52.65 percent to 47.35 percent.

The  will help fund at .

Marietta High is the only high school in Cobb County without an auditorium.

The cost to taxpayers depends on whether voters approve  in a 2013 referendum, as the sales tax revenue would be used to pay off the auditorium debt. 

If the SPLOST IV fails, owners of homes valued at $200,000 will face a tax increase of about $11 a year to pay off the bond, starting in 2015. 

Those who voted in favor of the school bond and new auditorium pointed to their support of .

"I came out for Marietta High School," Ronald said before voting at Tuesday. "Marietta city has always been a strong supporter of education and preparing our children."

"I have two small children who will be in there ()," a Marietta woman said. "I'm willing to take a tax increase for the auditorium."

Those against the Marietta school bond said the new auditorium is unnecessary and costly. 

"If they wanted one, they should have done it when they built the school," a woman said after voting at  Tuesday morning. 

"We already have enough other facilities in Marietta," Pam Wood said Tuesday. 

Tell us how you feel about the outcome in the comments below.

Robbie Huck March 09, 2012 at 08:54 PM
"The cost to taxpayers depends on whether voters approve the SPLOST IV in a 2013 referendum." SPLOST is a tax. Marietta voters are on line for the $7+ million debt. It'll either be paid with property tax or sales tax. Maybe some believe that having both is great because friends we haven't met yet will help pay for the kids' schools instead of just parents and other city property owners. I'm uncertain what type of example that sets for children.


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