President Obama wins or ties the first debate followed by a Media/Hi-Tech Lynching

President Obama did not lose the first Presidential Debate!!!

Let me state my premise clearly: Aside from what the mob of media commentators and pundits, opposition spinners, comedians ,talk show hosts and sympathetic apologists spew, there is no standard-based evidence that President Barak Obama blew or lost the first presidential debate with challenger Mitt Romney, any more than there is evidence that the thousands of black men lynched in the not too distant past suffered that fate because they accosted white women or did something wrong. You may think this a harsh comparison however it is really too mild because the mass hysteria which drives these mob falsehoods and culminates in such lynchings, whether real or symbolic, starts with a few who speak as if they are in the know (and who are largely white males), who have a high platform and loud megaphone, in this case, television and other media, spouting “expert opinions” which the masses blindly follow like lemmings to the sea of ignorance. And anyone who believes that race is not a factor in these modern day lynchings likely would have said the same about the past atrocities. Our society is in extreme denial and danger when we trust those who presently dominate our air waves, no matter how entertaining and nice or reasonable sounding they may appear. This is the mass brainwashing which has so long dominated our society that it has diminished our ability to think for ourselves and independently investigate truth. It has also perverted our standards of right and wrong and boiled it down to “if it is said over and over again on TV and other media then it must be true”. (One stark example: post-debate polls state that over 60% believe that Romney won the debate yet almost the same amount feels that he was less honest than Obama.)

So, one must then ask, what is the standard for “winning the debate” and since when are media pundits and commentators, who have no credentials to determine such standards and are certainly no authority on such matters, trusted to judge the outcomes. Therefore I searched and searched the internet for one evaluation of the debate by a true expert and past judge of debates or a leader of debate teams, to no avail, so I conducted my own interviews of some, including one who helped inspire the movie, “The Great Debaters”. And not to my surprise, none thought there was a clear winner and all felt it was close one way or the other. In fact, they all felt that both candidates performed well and focused on principles over personalities.

My first recommendation, therefore, for the next Presidential debates, is that a diverse panel of experienced debate judges or coaches be selected to judge the debates, using the intelligent standards that are set by experience and not by those seeking ratings by habitually exaggerating everything to compete with reality TV. Or, if it is too late to accomplish this for this electoral season, surely the TV networks and other media can recruit and utilize such panels to score the debates. Failing that, or even better, additionally each individual should evaluate the coming debates for themselves, according to established standards that they research themselves. I did this for the last debate and though I am clearly an Obama supporter, not for political but for cultural reasons, I gave Romney many points and a slight edge in delivery. I left the debate feeling very good about both men’s performances, and about the dignity of the debate itself which signaled to me a maturing of the whole process and the country as a whole, only to be shocked by the post-debate barrage of one-sided criticism of the President, which to some African Americans and Latinos I spoke with felt it was a corporate-controlled media conspiracy to discredit the President and help the white man win. I don’t know if it was but I do know that race influences everything we do in America and that it was ironic and not surprising therefore that most of the harshest critics of the President’s performance were and are white. And I also know that white people, especially white men, both liberal and conservative, have an inherent sense of superiority that we are often unaware of but which enables us to arrogantly think and speak as if we “know” when we don’t have a clue, and then we will often do anything to hide or cover up the fact that we don’t know. This certainly came into play in the debate and the aftermath. More about race and the race in my next letter.


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Richard "the Equalizer" Pellegrino October 18, 2012 at 12:33 PM
No Debra, that is not what I said. We have to judge not by what the media says or doesn't say, but by some other acceptable standard(s) of truth. (Personally, my two standards are science, or rational thinking, and religion, part of which is spiritual intuition, or the "heart".) And then we have to realize that no one knows "the truth"--we all have "our truth" based on our own personal experiences and biases. So that is when we have to come together with others and dialogue to arrive at a more rounded truth (not necessarily to debate). But we as white folk have to realize, for our own good mainly ("the truth will set you free") , that everything we do is colored (forgive the pun) by our perceptions of race and that we all have an inherent sense of superiority ingrained in us, which is constantly reinforced by our privilege in this society. Therefore when it comes to judging anything that a person of color, especially a black man, especially a black leader and in this case President, we have a whole lot of prejudices to confront within ourselves before we can ever have anything close to an objective opinion (and, as I stated, this affects conservative and liberal whites and everyone in between.)
Richard "the Equalizer" Pellegrino October 18, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Debra, your statements about what got him elected the first time prove my points--you state he is not qualified---think about it, a Harvard law professor, Senator, community activist, devoted father and family man, who in his own family is a mixture of all that America is now, etc etc)--who could be more qualified? And over four years he has proven over and over that he is more than qualified and has accomplished more and more good for America (I can send you a list of his accomplishments which is pages long if you like) than any President in my lifetime in spite of the greatest opposition from Congress and others than any President faced in my lifetime. I would say that is quite an achievement! Though I personally disagree with over half of his policies he and his administration saved our country from a depression and have it moving forward. Quite an accomplishment! As for the evidences of racism exhibited towards the President, again, the list would be too long but I will be happy to share them directly if you email me at pilgrim1@mindspring.com , but they are summed up in a sign I saw at a barbershop in Austell near Garrett Middle School yesterday, which says "Vote for the American" , with tattered confederate flag flying nearby and a Romney/Ryan sign in the ground. (The joke is that if I was going to "vote for the American" there is no one more symbolic of America than Barak Obama, especially this new American century, which our forefathers apparantl envisined.)
Pam J October 20, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Richard, I agree that President Obama is a good president and I did vote for him (this is coming from someone who has been unemployed for a long time). But I do think that his race helped get him elected. I had a job during the last election and I know that five blacks in my office, who had never voted before, all registered to vote and made it very clear who they were voting for (got e-mails daily). Two of my black neighbors said they were voting for the first time. I honestly think we have to admit that those things helped him get elected.
Richard "the Equalizer" Pellegrino October 21, 2012 at 04:51 AM
I agree Pam that his race helped get him elected for the reasons you state and also that in 2008 people of all races here were ready for a radical change (you couldn't get more radical electing a black man with a Muslim name:-). For the Blacks it was finally time to see and vote for one of their own, and for the rest it was a vote against the previous eight years debacle. And he will likely get the Black vote overwhelmingly again, because he, and his First Lady, are a sign of hope to the Black community, especially the young. My point in this and other articles to follow is that his election brought out the prejudices and racism in this society , some of which had been hidden beneath the legislative and civil rights victories of the past, and should give us an opportunity to come out of denial, confront them in ourselves (I am speaking of us white folk), and rid ourselves and this society of them for once and all. Which is why I will point them out whenever I can--especially those which are systemic and gross--like the reaction to the first debate. Every day I address this racism and inequity in our legal and law enforcement systems, as well as in other institutions of our society, not just in writing but in direct action with the entities involved. But it all boils down to transforming hearts, not just laws.
Greg October 21, 2012 at 01:05 PM
So let me get this straight, you are saying you're just smarter than everyone else and that what we think we saw and heard in the debate is not reality and what you say is the truth. You know, you seem to think awfully highly of yourself and of this president and that only a half black man could truly see the path for this country. Obama has not told the truth about his life, schooling, accomplishments, or even spoke the truth in either debate. He cannot answer a direct question. If he could, he would speak and run on his accomplishments instead of attacking a man who truly has a business background to run on.


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