Cobb County Sheriff Warren No Longer Represents the People of Cobb

Many Cobb County residents, especially those of color, believe that the current Cobb County Sheriff, Neil Warren, does not adequately represent all of the people of Cobb County.

Many Cobb County residents, especially those of color, believe that the current Cobb County Sheriff, Neil Warren, does not adequately represent all of the people of Cobb County. When Sheriff Warren first came into office Cobb County was approx. 10% minority and 90% white and now it is nearly 50/50. There is no doubt that the demographics of Cobb have changed and the Cobb Immigrant Alliance and member organizations of the Cobb United for Change Coalition, who represent many of the minority communities that have produced this change, have attempted to meet with Sheriff Warren for years to discuss these changes and to offer input on how the Sheriff’s department under his leadership can adapt to these changes in order to adequately serve all the people of Cobb, however their requests have fallen on deaf ears. Sheriff Warren has consistently denied all requests for meetings with these representatives of the community, even when he was encouraged to do so by County Commissioners and the Director of Public Safety, and hence has shown his disregard for the people they represent and unwillingness therefore to render equal service and protection for all. And other law enforcement leaders and professionals, both locally and nationally, have stated that some of Sheriff Warren’s policies have actually undermined law enforcement by damaging the delicate trust between law enforcement agencies and the community.

The Cobb Immigrant Alliance and Cobb United for Change, of which I am a member, therefore encourage every Cobb resident who feels that Sheriff Warren does not adequately represent and serve every resident of Cobb regardless of their race or culture to use the power of the vote on November 6th. We want to remind members of the community that they can send a message that clearly registers their displeasure by voting for his opponent or withholding their vote from Sheriff Warren. Unfortunately, Sheriff Warren appears to be more interested in national notoriety as a tough guy on immigrants than he is interested in serving all the people of Cobb County, so let's retire him from public service.

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electric123 November 04, 2012 at 09:26 AM
message, to define who I am and to ensure there’s honesty in the sheriff’s message,” Mr. Penzone said in an interview. Sheriff Arpaio does not engage in traditional campaigning. He speaks or makes an appearance wherever he is invited, his campaign manager, Chad Willems, said. The invitations come often: the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Ride for Kids in Phoenix on Oct. 21, the Real Estate Securities Symposium in neighboring Scottsdale on Oct. 22, the Fall Festival apple pie contest in Anthem on Oct. 27, and the dedication of a new Elks Lodge building in Mesa on Oct. 28. And those are just the ones he mentioned on his Twitter feed. “He’s in high demand,” Mr. Willems said. He also has a lot of money — $8.5 million at last count, way more than any other candidate vying for local elected office in the history of the state. His ads are all over television, portraying him as a devoted husband, highlighting his experience before his election to sheriff (he worked for years for the Drug Enforcement Administration) and telling voters about a piece of Mr. Penzone’s past that they may not have known — a domestic violence incident involving his former wife that resulted in orders of protection issued against both. Mr. Penzone said she struck him with hockey sticks. She told the police that he pushed her against the door. A judge found Mr. Penzone to represent “a credible threat to the safety” of his ex-wife and ordered him to surrender his weapons, .
electric123 November 04, 2012 at 09:26 AM
according to court documents. In the interview, Mr. Penzone played down the episode, saying that it happened “more than 10 years ago” and that “there were no charges” or reprimands against him from that time, when he was still a police officer. He and his supporters have labored to counter the barrage of Arpaio campaign ads over the past month with boots on the ground. Teams of volunteers fan across Latino enclaves every day; sometimes they get doors slammed in their faces, though other times they get to come in and help someone fill out a ballot received by mail. (Early voting is expected to account for roughly 60 percent of all votes cast in Arizona.) Small victories charge them up. One afternoon, on the courtyard of a public housing development in South Phoenix, Yaraneth high-fived Mr. Trejo as they got one man to commit to casting a vote against Sheriff Arpaio. “Jan Brewer, she’s next,” said Ms. Marin, referring to the state’s Republican governor, who has been tough on illegal immigration.
electric123 November 04, 2012 at 09:33 AM
Greg, Not only black but Hispanic or any other culture to Cobb that is not white. Your one vote for Warren means nothing.
Richard "the Equalizer" Pellegrino November 04, 2012 at 05:01 PM
No Greg, as one of the writers indicated below, I said his refusal to meet with representatives of these communities who have legitimate concerns shows that he does not care to represent and serve the whole community. Regarding the law enforcement leaders and professionals who have opposed and distanced themselves from some of his policies, they include: the Chief and leadership team of the Cobb County Police Department, the past Director of Public Safety (Mickey Lloyd), the National Association of Police Chiefs. And the reason for this and the overwhelming majority of Sheriff's across the country who have refused to implement his policies targeting immigrants is because they know that those policies destroy trust between the community and law enforcement which impedes their efforts to serve and protect.
charles rogers November 07, 2012 at 06:11 PM
He is only going to allow more abuse of office by other officials. He could care less about child protection programs so yeah he could care less about illegal immigrants and any one else in this country. He is a true politician spending more money on a jail so he can warehouse more people to ensure more negotiated pleas. He wants more pedophiles because if he supported a awareness program them more deputies might get charged. So be careful if you live in Cobb County because he is tough on crime except for sexual offenders. They are his pet peeves.


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