Mother Wants Pit Bulls Banned from Georgia

Mother becomes active after breed mauls toddler son.

Should pit bulls be banned in Georgia? (Patch file photo.)
Should pit bulls be banned in Georgia? (Patch file photo.)

A Fulton County woman whose son was mauled to death by a pit bull terrier wants Georgia lawmakers to ban the breed from the state.

WSB-TV reports Angela Rutledge began her campaign to ban pit bulls after her 2-year-old son was mauled to death by her family's dog in April 2012. She was headed Tuesday to the steps of the state capitol in Atlanta.

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Rutledge says she has concluded pit bulls are "an aggressive breed" that can pose a danger even to their owners.

She was being joined at the statehouse rally by Jeff Borchardt of Wisconsin, who founded the group Daxton's Friends for Canine Education and Awareness after his 14-month-old son was killed by pit bulls, WSB-TV reported.

Tracyfl1 March 01, 2014 at 08:12 AM
Yeah I thought the info was pretty cool. It looks like the owners actually request "the test" which would lead to rather flawed statistics, and it does not test for "aggressiveness" per set. One thing I found interesting was the differences in the various Dachshunds scores. It looked like many of the newer "sub" breeds such as long haired Dachsunds had lower scores than the original Dachshunds. That is kinda what I'm talking about with Pitts (and other dogs) you have these people trying to get "macho" dogs and worse (fighting dogs). As you've said its not the dog it's the owners however I also say some owners are getting more dog than they are prepared to handle. Yes, we should all research when choosing a breed and be better owners but where is the guarantee for that? Maybe the owners should pass a test.
Grace Kalinn Sanford March 01, 2014 at 05:57 PM
this breed should NOT be banned! This is all because of how the owner raises the dog. I will tell you right now you touch my dog you will have to go through me also all of you that say yes we should ban these dogs your just making a innocent breed go to extinction by putting them down here is a thing in the future we will try to bring them back so what is the point don't hate the breed hate the owner
Mitchos Doane March 02, 2014 at 07:20 PM
Tracy you saw the difference between the same breed just coat changes. that's because they use some other breed to get the longer hair. I don't know if you have ever worked with boxers. the what called Euro Boxer with the American boxer huge difference do some research i think you would be amazed with what you will read. I recently worked with a lab from Europe for service dog work for mobility, let me tell you very easily trained but very snappy at first. where the ones bread here are very different. well this lady has an Amstaff that i had trained as here service dog unfortunately the staff is 12 and cant help much with the lady but done an amazing job teaching Service (labs name) but any ways when you have time go ahead and do some research on the breeds that are of same breed dif. coats or even bread in dif. sides of the world you will be amazed
Tracyfl1 March 02, 2014 at 08:12 PM
I got a Boxer for my 16th birthday (many, many years ago!) she was a beautiful brindle. I didn't have her ears or tail docked. She was a super sweet dog but unbelievably hyper and not the sharpest tool in the shed. I was always getting in trouble because of her behavior. She would escape from any yard you put her in and she would even get out the screened door or screen windows if she was in the house. The worse thing she liked to do was jump up on the hoods of trucks and cars and scratch them up. She would escape from our house and run to the neighbors and jump up on the roof of their trucks (I'm talking smaller Toyota trucks).
Mitchos Doane March 02, 2014 at 08:22 PM
Yea i belive you she was an american boxer for sure. The euro boxer is much larger and very laid back . Boxer along with amstaffs pits and jrt are my favorit Breeds


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