County Plucks More Backyard Chickens

Another family in unincorporated Cobb County faces the same fight to keep backyard chickens as Northeast Cobb's Joseph Pond, who lost his battle last fall and was forced to give away 10 egg-laying hens.

Leigh Forrester-Savage, who resides in Powder Springs, got hens after surviving breast cancer to lead a healthy, organic diet with fresh eggs.

"We've been trying to get back to earth with our food and nutrition. Organic milk, fresh veggies only, and of course, our daily tasty gifts from our girls," Forrester-Savage told Northeast Cobb Patch in a statement.

She's named the family's 15 chickens. Eleven of them are miniature breeds. She owns Silkie Bantam, Polish Top Hats and Jersey Giants. They come when you call them, like a dog, she said.

Her family has raised backyard chickens for nearly a year. There have been no issues with neighbors.

On Friday, her homeowner's association and Cobb County officials notified her that the chickens must go, citing the same ordinance that was used to oust the Pond family's backyard chickens.

"Cobb County Community Development Agency hand delivered a "notice of violation" about my girls. We have ten days to bring the violation into compliance," she said.

The ordinance states that if a resident wants to keep livestock, they must have at least two acres of land.

But Forrester-Savage insists the chickens aren't livestock...they're pets, and she's ready to fight for the right to house backyard chickens.

"We've decided to fight the Cobb County Ordinance and notice, though we're well aware of the current status of Joseph's fight," Forrester-Savage said.

Pond, who was was after being cited by code enforcement on Nov. 18 for raising them on a half-acre lot in Northeast Cobb.

He established The Backyard Chickens Alliance of Cobb County. His battle for the right to keep hens to feed his family fresh eggs continues, and he's working with state legislators on a "" act. 

Meanwhile, Forrester-Savage will give her beloved chickens to someone with more acreage.

In a recent Northeast Cobb Patch poll asking, 'Should Cobb County Commissioners allow backyard chickens?' 84 percent of voters said 'yes' succeeding 15 percent against.

Do you think commissioners should allow backyard chickens? Share your opinion in the Comment Box below.

Monica White October 06, 2012 at 08:30 PM
It is sad that even the cit of Atlante, for the most part with much more restrictive zoning ordinances, allows up to 25 birds. It is also a shame that Cobb names certain birds that are OK as pets and all others are banned. A nuisance is a nuisance, if birds are not, then I am sure lots of people do not understand why Atlanta and Smyrna say it's OK and yet unincorporated Cobb decides its not. This is olden time perspective on things, especially as people clearly have birds as pets all over America today. Once again, Cobb proves its still living in the world that existed 40/50 years ago.


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