Backyard Chicken Plea Fowled Up

Cobb County Commissioners voted against placing the backyard chicken ordinance change on the list of proposed zoning amendments to be voted on in January.

A dozen supporters of the right to keep chickens in backyards smaller than two acres joined Joseph Pond at last Tuesday's Board of Commissioners meeting to ask that the chicken issue be placed on the list of proposed zoning amendments to be voted on in January.

Pond showed Commissioners a picture of a 1918 U.S. Department of Agriculture flyer that encouraged citizens to keep chickens as food supply during World War I. His arguments, and those of three supporters who spoke, did not sway Commissioners who voted against adding the issue to the January list of proposed zoning amendments.

Despite repeated attempts, and a dismissed lawsuit against the county, Pond has not been able to get a county variance change so that his family can keep their backyard chickens.

He was forced to give away 10 egg-laying hens after being cited by code enforcement on Nov. 18 for raising them on a half-acre lot in Northeast Cobb.

"The Code Inspector came by the house today to make sure that my illegal hens were removed from my property," Pond said in a statement Monday. "I am 'legal' under the Cobb County zoning ordinances."

Pond was told to remove The Backyard Chickens Alliance of Cobb County banner displayed on his fence. "They said that my banner was against code," he said.


David Staples November 30, 2011 at 01:40 PM
It is absolutely ridiculous that Cobb County requires 2 acres (87,000+ square feet) of land in order to own an animal that takes up one square foot and is less of a nuisance than most dogs. It's time for this ordinance to change. Backyard chickens are legal in Atlanta, Decatur, New York City and San Francisco without having to own 2 acres. (Just how many people do you think own two acres in those cities?) But apparently Cobb commissioners are too occupied with trying to force light rail and bus rapid transit on us to even think about changing such a ridiculous ordinance. If you own 1.95 acres you are allowed to own zero hens. If you own 2.05 acres you are allowed to own hundreds of hens and roosters. Apparently logic is failing these commissioners.
Jack Herr September 29, 2012 at 05:08 AM
People have no clue on how to live naturally, they just want to condemn everyone for everything and not look at the greater good of all existence.


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