Weird Crime: Smelling Lies, Cow Kicking, and Troubling Teens

Here's what police officers around Northeast Georgia were up against recently.

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1. Smells like a lie: After a recent traffic accident, a Winder man told police that the odor emanating from him wasn’t alcohol — it was hand sanitizer, he said. The man then blew a .139 on his breath test. So, does that mean he was drunk on Purell?

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2. He got all of that oneA University of Georgia student awakened by an intruder grabbed a 7-iron golf club from his closet and teed off on the suspect’s back. The intruder got away, but the shaft of the golf club was ruined.

3. Horse death threat: A Winder woman said her neighbor threatened to kill her horses, while the neighbor accused the woman of shooting his dog. 

4. Kicked by a cow: A Barrow County Sheriff's Office deputy was told by a resident that a child was kicked in the face by a cow. The child was “rattled,” but not injured. No word on whether the cow faces charges.

5. Proof on the receipt: A 17-year-old boy who had purchased alcohol from a Buford-area convenience store left the evidence in his car. When his father went outside to roll up the car windows during a rainstorm, he found a receipt revealing a $5.81 alcohol purchase by the teen. The mother called police to tell them about the store allegedly selling alcohol to minors.

6. A serial bather? A Winder woman noticed an open window was fogged up in her bathroom, and called 911 to report she thought someone had broken into her house to take a shower.

7. Pot, booze and an older woman: A Dacula teen was arrested after a Gwinnett County cop found him in a parked car with his pants partially removed and in the company of a 20-year-old woman. The officer also found a bottle of vodka and a baggie of green leafy material.

8. They made me do it: A Norcross 15-year-old said that three men knocked on the door around 3 a.m. one morning, pulled a gun and knife, and forced him to steal his mom’s car, which he later wrecked. He also said his pit bull dog, which he took along in the car, was stolen by the men. Oddly, he arrived at home the afternoon after the wreck in a vehicle driven by someone the mother believed to be one of the suspects.

9. One way to get a ride: A Grayson-area man called 911 to say he was going to hang himself. When the cops arrived, he said he only wanted a ride to the hospital and didn’t intend to commit suicide.

10. Time for an oil change: An Oconee County man was charged with shoplifting after allegedly stealing five quarts of motor oil from a Walmart.


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