Preacher Accused of Child Molestation

Preacher Clarence Caldwell Arquitt Jr., who once worked at the Piedmont Road Church of Christ in Northeast Cobb, has been accused of child molestation by his granddaughter.

charging him with the Child Molestation of his granddaughter which occurred numerous times between 1991 and 1999.

Clarence Caldwell Arquitt Jr., of Sanford, N.C. is charged on the warrants with molesting the victim from the time she was approximately 3-years-old until she reached the age of 11. From 1996 to 1999, investigators believe that she was molested at his residence on Garden Court in Sandy Springs and prior to 1996, at his residence in Woodstock.

The victim, now in her 20’s, contacted Sandy Springs Police and subsequently met with investigators in early August of this year. The investigation resulted in warrants issued on the charges of Child Molestation, Aggravated Child Molestation, and Sodomy.

Arquitt, when contacted, refused to return to Georgia to answer the charges. He was booked on the charges, into the Lee County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Department Jail and is currently free on a $30,000 bond. Sandy Springs investigators are now working with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to extradite Arquitt to Georgia. He is fighting extradition.

Information given to investigators also indicates that Arquitt, a preacher by profession, worked in numerous positions in several churches in the southeast.

Investigators have determined that Arquitt has held positions at churches in metro Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. Arquitt previously worked at North Cobb Church of Christ, Olive Street Church of Christ and Piedmont Road Church of Christ in Cobb County, and Woodstock Church of Christ in Cherokee County.

Pam J September 25, 2011 at 09:34 PM
I think we need to remember that this a case of he said/she said. I know that we tend to believe the person that is the "victim", but people lie. Why did the granddaughter wait so long to say something? And if there were more "victims", why haven't they come forward? I am going to withhold judgement until we know more. And those of you who rush to judgement need to remember than you did not actually witness the crime nor did the guy arrested admit to it.
Natasha Terc Shore September 26, 2011 at 07:45 PM
Well as a female that is only 2 years older than his grand daughter and was raised as a regular attender of North Cobb Church of Christ I can say he never tried anything with me. Nor any of the other kids that I have grew up with (or at least that I know of and how they acted). And also he has more than 1 grand daughter as I remember so why just 1 and why for so long did she wait? And why only until she was 11 and then he stopped? Just so much doesn't make any sense to me and many others. Until further proof is provided I can't believe it. And if it does come back and this is true myself and many others will be extremely shocked. I hope and pray it isn't because Mr. Cal was such a sweet man.
Hugh Rowland September 27, 2011 at 12:40 PM
Having known Cal Arquitt for many years, I find this very hard to believe. I believe he has two daughters and a son. I don't know which grandchild initiated this but I find it very difficult to fathom. If someone was inclined to do such a despicable thing, wouldn’t they have approached others in an 86 year life span? I know one of his daughters very well and she and her husband provided an in-law suite for Cal and his wife for a period of time. Everyone needs to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. I pray that Cal did not do this. Knowing Cal as a God fearing man and knowing that he is aware of the consequences of such an action, I can’t believe he would risk negative judgment by God. My prayers go out to all of the family.
Abigail October 04, 2011 at 03:35 AM
My heart goes out to everyone involved in this....especially the granddaughter who came forward. She has shown great courage and I'm sure she has suffered much agony and pain. I would like to point out that it is highly unlikely that this is merely a case of "he said/she said" as another poster suggested. It is very DIFFICULT to get a warrant for someone's arrest on "just" words so I believe the police have evidence beyond words and memories that support the charges. As for people who are questioning why is the survivor coming forward now, why it would stop at age 11 etc.....if you care to research child abuse you will learn that it is common for children to feel threatened, for the abuser to stop around puberty (they fear getting caught, told on and/or getting a girl pregnant). The typical child abuser fools most people around them; they go to church, have respectable jobs, unsuspecting friends and family and sometimes do many good things--that's why they sometimes get away with it for so long. It is obvious to me that everyone involved in this case needs prayers and support.
Becca Manzanares November 21, 2011 at 04:34 AM
In several reported cases of abuse in the past two decades, it has been revealed that the "memories" we're suggested by a counselor. I don't want to cast judgment on either side; as others have already said, in America, you're innocent until proven guilty. Our youth group and I did spend a lot of time with Cal at camps, VBS, and retreats, growing up, and there was never anything inappropriate. I pray that the truth, whatever that is, comes out and that healing can follow.


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