What Costumes are Trending for Halloween 2012?

Will this year's costume trends be politically based because of the presidential election year or ripped from the headlines because of zombie mania?

Never is art imitating life so relevant as during Halloween. So what will this year's costumes tell us?

The sale of masks of presidential candidates during Halloween are said to be as good a predictor as any polls out there in an election year. Newsbusters reports that pre debates, masks of President Barack Obama were outselling those of Mitt Romney by about 30 percent. Post debate, however, that has flipped the other way and is now at about 2 to 1 in favor of Romney masks. I guess we'll soon see.

Another big seller linked to the election is Big Bird. No surprise there. And what would Halloween be without Honey Boo Boo. But when it comes to ripped from the headlines, what could better represent the true ghoulish spirit of Halloween than zombie mania. The story of the attack in Florida certainly had the nation's attention for a while. Anyone choosing a zombie theme could even dress up as a couple -- the victim and the bath salt laced attacker. For that matter, a third person in the party might be able to find a way to represent bath salts.

So what costume are you going to be wearing on Oct. 31 this year and what trends do you expect to see come out of Halloween 2012?


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