Raising Taxes to Finance the Braves Stadium

Rendering of new Braves stadium in Cobb. Courtesy www.homeofthebraves.com
Rendering of new Braves stadium in Cobb. Courtesy www.homeofthebraves.com
Chairman Lee & Board of Commissioners Say No Raise in Property Taxes to Fund Braves Stadium: NOT TRUE!!!!  

"Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees; and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people.“ H. Clay  

Do we want to host the Braves coming to Cobb as our welcome guest, or do we want them to join us as co-conspirators in putting something over on Cobb’s taxpaying citizens? 

Most of the decisions our elected officials make in our name are over and done with, once they’ve been made.

Incurring a debt in our name of almost $400 million is a big deal, and, fortunately, the law provides a way for us to review, and comment on such a decision.

In accordance with the law, the Cobb District Attorney has filed a Civil Action called a Bond Validation to approve the bond to pay for this stadium and to grant the County the ability to raise property taxes to repay the bond.  Everyone who is a citizen of Georgia, and a resident of Cobb County can intervene and offer his/her opinion on issuing the bonds and granting the BOC authority to raise property taxes to pay it back by simply delivering a letter to the Superior Court before July 7th (that means by Thursday, July 3rd).
There is no filing fee for expressing your opinion in this matter; that’s the purpose of the hearing.

If you want the Court to hear what you want to say about this, write to: The Clerk of Superior Court, 70 Haynes Street, Marietta, Georgia 30090-9640. There is a hearing presently scheduled in this matter on July 7, 2014; if you want your views to be considered you should write right now. If you want a template and/or assistance with preparing this letter feel free to contact us at cobbcoalition@gmail.com or 404-573-1199.


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