For the Love of Books

Books can take you anywhere you can imagine, and many places you never could.

I find myself going thru phases; I tried out surfing for a while. Then I climbed Everest and K-2, the two tallest mountains in the world.

I’ve met Dahmer, Gacy and peeked inside some of the most twisted minds imaginable.

Currently, I’m in 1777, marching along with George Washington on our desperate fight for freedom.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been on a non-fiction spree. But fiction is my passion.

And with fiction, you usually get a movie. I have a hard time transitioning from books to movies. When I read, I create images in my mind. Specific settings, how the characters should look, and how they sound. When a director puts them on the massive screen, if they don’t match my vision, I’m sadly disappointed.

That’s why I started writing. So I could create my own characters, my own scenes, so I would never be disappointed by the ending.

Can you imagine how boring life would be without books? There would be no super heroes to save us, no brave wizards, no vampires (with or without sparkles).

Books are an escape; they can lift your spirit better than any pill or drug. They can make you laugh, or cry, or both. They can renew your faith, build up your courage, and give you hope.

I have tried listening to audiobooks and I just can’t do it. When I read I want to lose myself in the story, and it’s kind of dangerous to do that when driving on the expressway. After several near misses, I thought it would be safer to listen while I do the laundry. So I found myself amongst a pile of unfolded clothes while I listened to the story. Hence, I learned, I am not an audio learner, I am visual. I want to see it! I want to read at my own pace, I don’t want it dictated to me.

Ebooks. Ebooks create great debates amongst book lovers. Most people either love’em or hate ‘em. I love print so much that I figured I would hate ebooks. I only bought a book reader to help format my own. But I fell in love. Your heart grows.

What I like the MOST about ebooks is the nifty little font button. As I age print seems to get smaller and smaller. No problem just push that sucker two, three, or four times. It makes any book large print. No squinting=less wrinkles!

So no matter what your passion is, print books, audiobooks, ebooks, computers, magazines, newspapers, or Patch.com. READ!

Special Note: Wild West Festival is March 24th at the Cobb County Fairgrounds. 

In conjunction with the Book Sale, the Wild West Festival offers great entertainment for the whole family! Support your Library and have some fun!

For More info visit:http://www.clf-wildwestfestival.com/

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Lynn Hubbard is a Marietta romance author, blogger and mom.


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