2 Georgia Stories that April Fooled Readers — And 1 That's Real (Which is It?)

Which is real?

From WSAV's Facebook page, a story about a ape/man arrested.
From WSAV's Facebook page, a story about a ape/man arrested.
It doesn't need to be April Fool's Day to find foolishness on the web. But it sure can help. 

Snooping on the interweb has uncovered three Georgia stories that could all very well be April Fool's Day hoaxes. Only one of them isn't. Can you guess which one? 

What do you think? Which one is real? Clicking into the stories should tell you. (If it doesn't, we can't help.)

Man In Gorilla Suit Arrested After Pelting Town With Bananas
The Times-Herald informed its readers about a man, Jim Hokes, 36, who was arrested on multiple drug and vandalism charges after he dropped some ecstasy, dressed as an ape and began pelting cars and people with bananas. One woman was injured. 

Father Fed Up With Daughter's Messy Room Moves Her to Driveway
WSAV-TV has this tale about a Fort Stewart soldier who  went to "extreme" lengths to teach his teenage daughter a lesson. The man, fed up with his daughter's messy room, moved everything in it to the family's driveway and erected a sign: "Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."

And, finally, from Atlanta:

Creative Loafing Atlanta, with it's purposefully (?) misspelled headline, informs readers of the return of Outkast. "Stank you. Stank you, smelly much!"


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