Weird News: Missing Leg, Toilet Arson

Here is a recap of some of the oddest news stories from Georgia and the rest of the nation.

A jogger in Watkinsville, GA came across an unsettling discovery on July 23; a prosthetic leg belonging to a small child.

Watkinsville Police Chief Lee O'Dillon told The Athens Banner-Herald that he believed the leg was lost from a moving vehicle, as it showed skid marks, a possible result of sliding across the roadway.

Additionally, that speculation on why the leg was discarded is running rampant.

Fortunately, , who it is assumed threw the leg from a moving car.

Kentuckian James Crittenden is no stranger to law enforcement. On July 25, he was arrested for allegedly huffing Reddi-wip inside a convenience store. Crittenden claimed that the US Constitution granted him the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of huffiness.

This interesting character wasn't done vexing Kentucky authorities, however. On Saturday morning, our "hero" walked into a gas station in Lousville, and went to the little boy's room.

He proceeded to light the toilet seat on fire!

According to the Courier-Journal, workers soon accosted the commode arsonist, but Crittenden calmly and logically pointed out that it was a matter of religion that he be allowed to set toilets on fire.

Apparently, this exceptionally reasoned argument did not sway authorites, and he was arrested for first-degree arson and terroristic threatening. Shockingly, Crittenden was also booked for public intoxication.


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