Up to 75% Off at After-Christmas Sales

The post-holiday sales are in full swing, and shoppers are hitting the stores for the best bargains.

Today, and possible going into this week, those who wish to brave the malls and shopping centers are going to find some incredible shopping bargains. These deals are so great that I have recently learned some families resorted to giving notes to loved ones telling them of the big-ticket items that they will receive from the post-holiday sale because the pre-Chrstmas sale didn't slash the price enough.

Research this morning on which stores will have the best sales is showing me that just about everything and every store will be discounted.

Christmas will be 50 percent off at almost every store today. Whether you are looking to fill stocking for kids from the pharmacy stores for more family gatherings this week or wish to buy elaborate ornaments at department stores, they are all discounted. Be sure to check out and for their remaining yard art if you didn't feel your house was festive enough on the outside. Even these stores will be clearing the shelves this week.

Stockings, decorations and even paper towels that have a Christmas theme will be marked down at just about every store. Think outside the box when you shop. Do your kids really care if there are snowmen on their plastic baggies in their lunchboxes? Anything holiday will need to be sold at a heavy discount. Holiday cookies, crackers and candies will be 50 percent off and eventually, by weeks end, be 90 percent off in many stores. Get ready for next year by purchasing all of your gift wrap, labels and ribbon this week. At $5 a roll this year in many stores, paper at savings of half off and more will be appreciated next December. 

Toys will also be cleared from the shelves this week. While they are picked over from all of the last minute shopping, still take a stroll down these aisles at , and the even the pharmacy stores like and . Kids have birthday parties all year long and Valentines Day and Easter are coming up in the next several months as well. Many parents will be buying these exact same toys at full price in a couple of months. Beat them to it by getting them on sale now and be ready and reduce your stress when the time arises since you will have your shopping done. 

The stores will be crowded and many parents have today off. As tempting as it is to stay home and let the kids play with their toys, if your kids got gift cards to buy their own goodies at you may want to take them to the store. All week, the store is offering bargains such as buy one, get one 40 percent off on movies and video games. They have an ad here that will show you all of the other toys that have similiar prices and discounts. You can always buy online and pick up in store with Toys R Us so they do have an advantage there. I was in the store just before Christmas and they were running low on inventory on many items so if you are looking for certain popular Lego toys, Barbie items and video game titles, you may want to try to  buy  them online before you head  to the store. Just a side note, if you are thinking of buying the Barbie three-story town house on sale this week, it is sold out everywhere locally so stay home and hunt for that one online or call around asking if new shipments have been made.

If you have not bought winter clothing or coats for the family, head out to the stores this week. Here is a list of deals and coupons:

  • will give shoppers $10 off of their purchase of $50 or more with this coupon through the end of the year.
  • will give shoppers 20 percent off of their purchase until Dec. 31 with this coupon or get $10 off of your purchase of $50 or more with this coupon until the end of January. Women sizes start at size 14 and accessories are available at this women's retailer.
  • has a 30 percent off purchase coupon here that is valid through the end of the year.
  • still has their 20 percent off coupon available and they have a lot of deals going in in the store. The holiday decor is very picked over but their clothes and accessories are fully stocked and almost everything is on sale.
  • has a huge sale going on and they are advertising up to 75 percent off on Monday. Combine this huge sale today with the coupon on Facebook and you are getting some great clothing bargains.
  • has a new coupon out that is valid until Dec. 29 that will save you an extra 15 percent off of your total. 
  • is offering up to 50 percent off on home scents that you can combine with this coupon to save an extra $10 off of your $25 purchase.

Wherever you need to shop and whatever items you may need while out this week, be sure to look for coupons before you go. Some stores seems to always offer them.

For example, I would never check out at without first checking online with my smartphone if there is a coupon available. The cashiers at most stores will just scan your phone. The deals are amazing everywhere today, and many will extend all week long.

Think ahead so you can buy gifts now at discounted prices rather than later at full price, if you can. But, if you are putting it on a credit card, think twice. The interest and stress of the bills may end up costing you more than the actual savings of the item. Shop smart and save money.


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