What Were Top Web Brands of 2012?

Google is No. 1, and its YouTube is No. 4. Which of these do you use the most?

The Web is a part of everyday life, and as 2012 comes to a close, it's interesting to see which online properties are used the most.

No surprise on No. 1: Google, the top online search engine, is No. 1, according to Nielsen information. And YouTube, the leading video sharing site which is owned by Google, is No. 4.

Facebook, the mammoth social networking site, is No. 2. It had almost 153 million unique visitors per month, according to Nielsen.

Also worth noting: AOL Media Network was at No. 7, with 86.6 million unique visitors per month. (AOL is the parent company of Patch.com).

Yahoo, still strong in search and also a leader in online content, was at No. 3.

-- Which web sites do you use most? Share your online favorites in the comments below.


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