Gymnastics Competition at Kell High School

Gather around the water cooler to discuss what's happening in Northeast Cobb today, April 8.

1. Georgia All-Stars are hosting Region 8, Level 7/8 Championship Gymnastics
at Kell High School today through April 10. Athletes, gymnastics fans, parents, grandparents, families and the public is invited to a fun and exciting weekend of gymnastic competition. Hosted by the Region 8 Committee. For more information, call 770-516-2654.

2. Are you ready for some live rock music? Local band SHYANNE invades Wild Wing Cafe tonight. And this is no light-weight band. SHYANNE will be opening for 38 Special on April 30 at Wild Bill's in Duluth. If you've never heard the band live, you need to visit Wild Wings tonight for a great time. Get there early to grab a seat because the place will be packed. 2145 Roswell Road. SHYANNE also plays at the Dixie Tavern frequently. Check out SHYANNE's Facebook Page for more information.

3. Today is the last day of the Gritter Library ‘Spring Break Film Festival’ for families. 10:30 a.m. Bring a light snack, pillow and blanket and enjoy the show. Gritters Library is located at 880 Shaw Park Rd. For information, call 770-528-2524.

4. Have you ever heard of LARPing? I had not, and I was surprised to learn about a LARP Alliance Meetup Group based in Northeast Cobb. LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. They hold AVEGOST LARP events that feature real armor, safe but realistic combat including nearly full contact, an expansive mythos with an entire Wikipedia and system which exists to help you fully immerse yourself within a character. Click here to see a picture gallery of the group: http://youtu.be/vnbwCOH3qRU.

No previous LARP experience is required. If you are new, you can play for free in order to build costumes, props and feastware. Events for established players cost $35 for a set amount of "points" earned towards your character for NPCs and players alike. Less cost than a concert and the event lasts three days.

5. According to 11Alive News, federal government cuts are hitting Georgia, including our area.

According to Commissioner Mark Butler with the Georgia Department of Labor, an undetermined number of federal government employees in Georgia may be furloughed or laid off.

US National Park facilities, including Kennesaw Mountain and the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, will close with minimal emergency services.

Read more here: http://dlvr.it/Mp4T3

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