Oldest Person in the World No Longer From USA

Dina Manfredini, 115, who took over the title of oldest person in the world on the passing of Besse Cooper, of Monroe, on Dec. 4, died on Monday after holding the title for just two weeks. Jiroemon Kimura, 115, of Japan, is now the world's oldest p

Dina Manfredini, who became the world's oldest person two weeks ago and lived in parts of three centuries, has died. She was 115 and lived at Bishop Drumm Care Center in Johnston, Iowa.

Manfredini became the oldest known person in the world after Besse Cooper of Monroe, died Dec. 4.

Jiroemon Kimura of Japan is the new oldest person in the world. He is 115 years and 239 days old.

KCCI News Channel 8 reported that Manfredini died early Monday morning.

This spring, Manfredini's family threw a birthday party in her honor at the Bishop Drumm Retirement Center in Johnston.

Manfredini, who was born on April 4, 1897, in Italy, was healthy and strong well into her 100s, according to an August 2011 article by the Diocese of Des Moines.

In the 2010 Census there were 53,365 centenarians, people 100 and older, living in the United States.

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