Georgia Environmental Protection Division Smog Alert

Gather around the water cooler to discuss what's happening in Northeast Cobb today, May 11.

1. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has issued a Smog Alert for metro Atlanta tomorrow, as you will see below.  The Clean Air Campaign is distributing this alert in hopes that the public might act to keep tomorrow's air as clean as possible while factors are in place for unhealthy levels of smog to form.

To help improve air quality, The CAC recommends reducing driving, as half of all smog-forming emissions come from the tailpipes of cars in metro Atlanta.

2. Cobb County students' scores on the Fifth Grade Writing Assessment improved five percentage points over 2010. The 2011 results show 83 percent of Cobb students met or exceeded expectations, compared to 78 percent in 2010. Cobb students' average scale score of 218 topped the state average by four points.

As a part of the statewide testing program, the Fifth Grade Writing Assessment was administered in March and requires students to write a composition on an assigned topic.

Summary data for the Fifth Grade Writing Assessment by school is available on the District Web site at www.cobbk12.org.

3. Lassiter High School yearbook distribution will be on Friday and Monday, May 16; and Tues, May 17.  If you have time to volunteer for the distribution please visit this website to sign up: www.mysignup.com/lhsyearbooks.  

4. Volunteers are needed to help check books back in as Lassiter High School students return them.  If you have some time to give the last week or two of school, please contact Jane Kreis at Jane.Kreis@cobbk12.org.  She will let you know when she needs help.

5. Cobb Atlanta Juniors Volleyball is hosting May clinics on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Each clinic is 1 hr, and costs $20.  All clinics are limited to 5 players with the exception of Fitness Session.  Please use the following guidelines when signing up for different level clinics.  At the end of each session, coaches will give each player a recommendation for the next level of clinics.  For more information, contact Jessica Turnbull, Director at jessica@cobbatlanta.com.


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