Fusion Girls Court Art Exhibit

Gather around the water cooler to discuss hot topics and what's happening today, April 21.

1. The Pope High School Band presents XPlosion, a night of theatrical music and entertainment in the theater. Tickets are $5 on sale at the door. Pope High School, 3001 Hembree Rd NE.

2. Check out the Fusion Girls Court 2011 art exhibit at The Art Place - Mountain View. Girls Court is a program for at risk teens. The girls met in March to plan their art exhibit and now you can view it in the gallery today through April 29. View art in different mediums; paintings on canvas to stone. 3330 Sandy Plains Rd. For more information, call 770-509-2700.

3. It's the third week in April, and www.walterreeves.com recommends the following Georgia gardening tips:

Remove guy wires from your fall-planted trees. Trees that move with the wind grow stronger than those supported for more than a few months.

Plant Easter lilies outdoors after removing their faded blooms.

Mulch tomatoes immediately after planting to prevent early blight fungus from splashing from the soil onto the leaves.

“Flowering Annuals for Georgia Gardens” is a free booklet available at your local Extension Service office. Call 1-800-ASKUGA-1 to get local office phone numbers.

Water houseplants more frequently with the onset of more hours of sunshine and new green leaves. Begin monthly feedings with houseplant fertilizer.

4. End the week with a dose of culture. Why not theater? The hapless lovers in The Mikado are mercilessly buffeted by social restrictions. It would be absolutely tragic if it weren’t so hysterically funny. See it today through Saturday: 8 p.m., except April 30: 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sunday: 2 p.m. $27.50-$48.70. The Strand Theatre, 117 N. Park Square. More info/tickets: 404-377-9948 or www.atlantalyrictheatre.com.

5. The Cobb County Library System offers free advice and tips from experts. Registration begins at 10:30 a.m. The programs, see below, start at 11 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. at the Cobb Central Library, 266 Roswell Street.

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Automotive Boot Camp is presented by Sherry Richardson, Owner of Alan Cox Automotive Service & Repair of East Cobb. Sherry will be presenting:

10 Ways to increase fuel economy
Guidelines to guard against getting ripped off by a repair facility
What do the lights on the dashboard mean
What should you do when you're in an accident
What does diminished value mean
When should you repair your vehicle or replace it
Know what you need, rather than what someone wants to sell you
Car buying tips for used & new cars

1 p.m. - 2 p.m. Home heating & air repair, plumbing tips presented by Carolyn Greene, co-owner of K.E. Greene Mechanical/Hydronics, Holly Springs, GA. Learn tips on:

HVAC- how comfortable is your home
Learn about indoor air quality-your home could be causing your allergies
How does HVAC work
Operating costs- the importance of maintaining your units
Plumbing- Hot on the left, Cold on the Right and water rolls down hill
You may be paying for water that you not even using

2:15 p.m. -  3 p.m. Deva Hoffman, co-owner of National Self Defense Company has been teaching self defense techniques & crucial safety tips for people to defend themselves for over 5 years.

Being aware of your surroundings, how to avoid dangerous situations
Identifying your attacker & life saving self defense techniques
Pepper spray, own the right grade

Sponsored by Visions Anew & Women Who Barter RSVP to make sure you get your seat! womenwhobarter@gmail.com or call 770-364-1642. This seminar is for all men & women who don't want to get ripped off anymore!


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